Memento Mori

Fan Art I Have Done of Other People's Comical Creations

By me! All by me!

- Medea Lee Sunflower, the crazy schoolmarm from Stephen Sakurai's excellent Muertitos.

- Some fanart of Alice Otter from Miguel Estrugo's Alice Otter. It's the cutest webcomic in existance! It'll make your teeth hurt in a good way!

- It's the cast of Adam Prosser's Night Shift, all duded up for a night on the town. Hola! A strip for the ages. It's got slacker mummies! By the by, I once did an April Fool's day guest strip for him. And he was such a nice guy that he never even pointed out that it sucked! What a guy!

- And now it's Adam Prosser's Amazon Space Rangers. Not my best pic, but Missy came out kinda cute. This comic is neato torpedo. It's got Crash Landerson!

- It's Sashi from Matt Trepal's Fight, Cast or Evade. The pic's not too bad. I rather like the way his feet came out. And wouldya believe it, I even did a guest strip for Matt once? You can recognize my contribution by the sudden drop in comic quality. Seriously, I love this strip. It's got Commie dragons!

- Oddities upon oddities! It's Dragonfly's Latex Blue, probably the single most bizarre web comic in existance. It rules, go read it. It'll hurt your bain in a good way. It's got revolutionary bats! Hey, know what? I did a crappy guest comic for him once. Notice I even tried to color it! Dragonfly is one seriously messed up guy, so this comic might not be any good but at least it's appropriate.

- It's the Flying Red Bells, an alien band from Daniel Willingham's Space Losers. Go read! It's got Losers! In space!

- It's Ted and Amanda from ZGGT's The Corruption of Ted. It's keen. It's got aliens with forks on their heads!

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