Bas Relief

- A nifty keen spread of the whole cast on a roller coaster in hell. Why? Why not? Not too bad, although you'll notice that I totally mucked up the tracks in back. (The slats should really be tilted in the other direction...)

- Here's a pic I did for Hallokeen 2001 of Hesper and Wilhelm in costume. (They're Vampira from Plan 9 From Outer Space and Nosferatu, respectively, but my drawings suck so you wouldn't be able to tell that.)

- Hesper in Nagel style

- A brief sketch of Wilhelm, Hesper, and Rudolph. Just for fun.

Just for fun, I did a series of tarot cards featuring some of my characters. Gaze! Here they are:

- Edmund as "The Moon"

- Hilary as "The Sun"

- Wilhelm von Bloodclot as "The Hanged Man"

- Howard Bottomfeeder with "The Wheel of Fortune"

- Tiffany Makimura as "The Fool"

- Old Scratch is "The Devil"

- Ilemauzer as "Death"

- Madam P as "Temperence"

- Rev. Damien Blackpit as "The Hierophant"

- Horace O'Canker works for "The Star"

- Mad Dog McGurk in "The Chariot"

- The Stranger, with Vinegar Tom, as "The Magician"

- King Rudolph as "Justice"

- Hesper Makimura in "The Tower"

- Nestormolester as "The Hermit"

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