Applied Leeches

kay, all, this here's the Applied Leeches page, which is where I throw all the oddities that don't quite fit anywhere else.

Skull Moss: Did you know that the Fantastical Bestiary got reviewed in the most famous on-line comics review site there is, Deacon Jack Cheeseīs Christian Anal Retentiveness (CAR) Project? It's true! Trust me; I wouldn't lie to you at a time like this.

Mandrake Root: Teresa Henchar of the always cool Horseshoes and Handgrenades Made this super nifty standard sized link button for me out of the goodness of her heart. It's embarrassing that she put more effort into making a decent banner than I did and it's my site! But, anyway, I'm forever in her debt for that. Here's the banner:

And here are some more banners. More to come, of course, as I figure out how to use photoshop.

Black and Yellow Henbane: Want to know even MORE about me? Well, check out this exclusive fire-side chat with MEEEEE!!!

Thorn Apple: Of course you love The Fantasical Bestiary, but wouldn't you love it if there was some critical acclaim to validate your love? Guess what? There is. Check it out here.

Monkshood: Hey, whaddya know? I did a page for Babewatch 2002. Gawk at your favorite nonsexual cartoon characters caporing abuot in skimpy outfits! Itīs spifferific!

Foxglove: A Gallery of Grotesqueries. C'mon, every site needs one.

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