Thorn Apples


I was attracted to this strip for two reasons: 1) it had a clever premise (the characters are all mythical creatures of one kind or another, with a helpful index provided in case you're wondering what the heck a Kitsune or a Tenga is); and 2) it displayed sharp and literate (if often goofy) writing. The main character, Wilhelm, is a pretentious vampire who I find one of the webcomics worlds' more memorable characters, and the strip is rife with neat little combinations of literary references and character beats (for instance, I like how the heroine, Hesper "Molochi" Makamura, is the daughter of a domineering Kitsune mom and a Japanese electronics tycoon whose soul she devoured after they mated--which pretty much sums up the character right there.) I should confess that Mike & I have a fairly close online relationship (we started Pogo Stick together), and he recently gave Night Shift five stars in his own review/links section, so I may not be very objective about his work. I will say, I wish he took more care with the artwork (maximizing contrasts, making each strip a standard size, etc.) and his site's a bit unnavigable. With that nod in the direction of balanced impartiality, and with the knowledge that he's reading this, I can safely say that this strip is the greatest thing ever created in the history of the universe.
-Adam Prosser of Night Shift and Amazon Space Rangers

The characters here are well defined, they're "flawed" characters that are very likable. Well, most of them... It's always funny, sometimes it's just too funny. And root around until you find "The Lonliest Wendigo", it's one of the best shorts on the net. Dive into the Featureless Void, you may never come out.

..When it takes me a half an hour to read it because I have to stop after each sentence to catch my breath from laughing so hard, when all I'm left with is a purple head and spit on my shirt, you know it's hillarious. It's beyond hillarious, it's from the outer reaches of Hillarica...
-Brentos of Deazel Weasel

ROCK & RULE REFERENCES! AAAAAAAAAAH! YES! The Fantastical Bestiary is now officially one of the greatest comics of all time.
-Shannon Treske, webmaster of Jackie's Fridge and JoBeth

Been reading your archives....WOW! Good golly, how much more awesome talent can I take from Keenspace!?!?! I have to stop finding all these new strips I like.
-Caleb Sevcik of Zap Jones, Hi-Falutin' Funnies, Vinnie Noodle Doodle, and I am a Rocket.

I've been reading "The Fantastical Bestiary" for a while now... I like your use of obscure medieval imagery. It adds a flavor to the strip that separates it from many of the others, even if I don't get some of the references (I'd say I'm fairly well- read, but we all have our limits).
- Matt Trepal of Fight, Cast, or Evade

I really like your comic. Keep up the good work!
- Jason Brazeal of Biblebot

Holy Spirit, I ask thee to search my heart on this day, and reveal to me by your power the truth. When was the last time you said the Lord's name (GD) in vain? Have you ever stole anything in your entire life? Do you desire something that does not belong to you {covet}? What about Cussing, Lying, Hating, Cheating or just plain simple Lust? If you break any part of the law, you are guilty of breaking it all!!!!! As it is written, For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in any one point, he is guilty of all. So why do you still say, "I'm basically a good person"? As it is written, there is none righteous, no, not one For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God
- Baffling but no doubt very favorable review of TFB from a guestbook entry by random guest book signer Marty Lineberry

I've read more web comics than I'd care to admit to most, and yours is one of the best.
- Sock of Sock?

Mutha Fuckin' hater! you probs bitch! one: your page is the most simple and lame piece of shit I have ever seen! two:You suck at drawing!I've seen better shit done by a two year old! hahahahaha! Fuck You asshole!
- From "Guess Dumbass" at (Probably not a real address)

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