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Life īNīLecture - (By Mike Rosen and Miles Kaplan) Life īNīLecture was a comic strip that I illustrated for the UCLA Daily Bruin. My friend Miles and I collaborated on the writing. You might wonder why the name "Terence Saalbach" appears on this strip. The reason is I was an editor on the Daily Bruin and my boss thought that working on acomic strip would present a "conflict of interests." I have no idea why. I was only an on-campus entertainment editor, for Christīs sake! Anyway, the quality of these strips is highly variable, seeing as how I usually bashed them out in ten minutes after midnight on the day before they were due. Even so, Life īNīLecture won high praise in the Daily Bruin weekly meetings. After reading the library pirate strip, the head editor remarked, "I donīt undertsand it, but itīs still funny." The Sports editor also liked it, saying that it was very true to life. The Viewpoint editor also once said that "Life īNīLecture is consistently funny, unlike all our other strips." Take that, Forever Freshman!

Randomania -(By Mike Rosen and SHE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED) Randomania was another strip that I submitted to the UCLA Daily Bruin, this one written by me and illustrated by my girlfriend. Strangely, despite having the exact same brand of humor as Life īNīLecture, it was rejected. All I can figure is that my brand of simplistic doodles must be better suited to the limitations of the comic strip format than is Doryīs complex, refined technique.

Pogo Stick: A Telephone Improv - (By Mike Rosen, Adam Prosser, Teresa Henchar, Andy Floyd, Caleb Sevcik, Mason "Tailsteak" Williams, Jim Zubkavich, Dan Beeston,TD McEachern, Justin Pierce, Kathleen Jacques, A. Wahl, Liz Groenveld, etc.) This is an on-going tale of action, intrique, pogo sticks, and Dick Van Patton. Itīs a Telephone Improv, originally started by Adam Prosser of Night Shift, that has grown to epic proportions. Each dayīs panel is contributed by a different cartoonist, I believe that there are about five or six regulars and any number of one-shot contributors. Itīs hard to describe but immensely satisfying.

Pogo Stick 2: Electric Boogaloo - (By Mike Rosen, Adam Prosser, TD MCEachern, etc.) Yup, thought that was everything, did you? You'd be wrong. No sooner did one Pogo end than another begins. One that has nothing at all to do with pogo sticks. So why is it called Pogo Stick 2? Because we're uncreative. Like Pogo 1, this is another telephone improv roundabout thingy with different cartoonists doing different parts. However, unlike Pogo 1, each artist doesn't just do one panel; they do their whole own stoory. So far you can see my mine and Adam's contributions, but TD's up next. You know, of course, that he's going to end up making the both us of look sane with his wacky contribution. I dare say this is worth keeping an eye on.

Nerd Quest - Who will save the astral plane from certain destruction? Only Arwen, Queen of the Nerds, has the awesoma powa to save the day. Together with her spirit guide Mr. Pifflebottom, she undertakes an amazing journey.
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Penny Dreadful - Lady Abigail Throttlecock and her silent Welsh manservant Bumble tangle with the criminal underworld in this thrilling whodunnit set in an alterna-Victorian London of the steampunky persuassion.

Witchprickers: Being the Damnable History and Deserved Demise of Many Lietenents of the Forces of Darkness, as well as their righteous persecution at the Hands of the Witchfinder Army - Witchprickers is sort of a spin-off of Familiars, but itīs slightly more serious. I said slightly. Itīs still pretty silly but itīs one long continuing story rather than gag-a-day. Witchprickers is updated whenever the hell I feel like it.

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