ey there, fellow Gontermaniacs! If you've made it all the way to this page, there's really only one explanation: you're a Gontermaniac. Which is kinda like that kid, Zack, you know, Zack the lego maniac. From the old commercials in the late 80s. He builds 'em big, he builds 'em small. Um...whatever. In any case, here's the authoratative list of Gonter-related sites out there on the Internet. Enjoy!

The Gonterman Shrine - The Site that started it all.

Enter the Jaberwocky - This site contains an obsessive, comic by comic dissection of Gonterman's immortal "Foxfire" series. Unfortunately, it's down right now.

Thought Viper - The site manager tells me he has plans to put up a Gonterman-related page. Currently, you can read occasional Gonterman-related news (and lots of other fun stuff) on his news page.

Gonter Who - As near as I can tell, a Dr. Who spoof starring David Gonterman.

Portal of Evil - The place to find the world's greatest authorities on Gonterman

The Gonterman Dance - All the ladies love dancin' Davey Gonterman!

Ghost Planet MYSTing of The Mobious Chronicles - Nifty keen mysting of a classic pile of Gonterrhea. But does it have Space Ghost? Yep. It has Space Ghost.

Got a Gonterman site? Email me now, foo.

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