Name: The Shrikes to Watch Out For (Shrieky, Squeaky, and Mo)
Species: Shrieky and Squeaky are harpies, Mo is a stymphalian bird.
Occupation: Students of Gender Studies at Anachronista Academy
City of Origin: Somewhere in the mountains on the island of Freebtos
Eyes: Squeaky's are always hidden behind shades; Shrieky's and Mo's are red.
Hair: Shrieky's is gray; Squeaky's is brown.
Age: 18
Known Relatives: None Known
Preferred Attire: None
Distinguishing Characteristics: Squeaky always has a band-aid on her forehead.

The Shrikes to Watch Out For are just your average, everyday ultra-Feminist revolutionary group. They hate Howard. Have been known to dive bomb Charleston Heston's house. Might have vagina dentates. Won't let Wilhelm join their gang. Call women "womyn." That's about it.