Name: Isis Ptomaine
Species: Gnoll
Occupation: Student of Psychology at Anachronista Academy
City of Origin: Alexandria, Egypt
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brick Red
Fur: Dark Brown
Age: 18
Known Relatives: None Known
Preferred Attire: Tank Tops, Capri Pants, Hoop Earrings

Isis was Wilhelm's old girlfriend back in high school. Hmm, shades of bestiality there, but anyway. Wilhelm and Isis originally broke up over an incident wherein Wilhelm spit up kool aid on Isis' cheerleading uniform. She returned to the Featureless Void years later, exhibiting some vague fixation on Wilhelm. She eventually returned to her other boyfriend Todd, when Wilhelm refused to concede to her relationship demands (which included his giving up the search for The Meaning of The Blue Flower) At first, Wilhelm was eager to get back together again, and this, combined with his obsession with Hedwig, is a strong indication that Wilhelm has issues with women.