Name: Hesper Makimura
Species: Kitsune
Occupation: Student of Philosophy at Anachronista Academy
City of Origin: Kyoto, Japan
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Black
Skin: Goldenrod
Age: 18
Known Relatives: Po-Wing "The Dragon Lady" Wang, Tiffany Makimura, numerous aunts
Preferred Attire: Chinese Dresses
Distinguishing Characteristics: She has a mole on her cheek. Which one varies.

The soothing yin to Wilhelm’s splenetic yang, Hesper "Molochi" Makimura is always quick to note the absurdity of her counterpart’s rants but rarely considers this a compelling reason not to go along with them. Everyone needs a laugh now and then, after all. It's been implied that Hesper had a difficult childhood, partly because Po-Wing "The Dragon Lady" Wang, a woman with the maternal instincts of a praying mantis, was her mother. Hesper and her sister Tiffany rarely see eye to eye, mostly because Tiffany is the peppy, perky one that Mom likes best while Hesper has a more down to earth view of the world. Being a kitsune, Hesper has a nasty habit of turning into a fox at inappropriate times, but otherwise she's fine.