The Grimore

A Primer for the Novice

onfused? Hey, I know I am. That's why I've included this quick handy dandy guide to all things both Fantastical and Bestiary.

1) Where's this comic supposed to take place? And what's the time period?

Foreign Devils takes place in a highly fictionalized London, England, sometime in the distant past. It's not entirely clear exactly when it's supposed to take place - an early comic pegs the date as "sometime in the 1700s," but there are some later references to Victoria being queen, which would actually set the comic in the 1800s. (Also, note there's very little consistency in costumes either. Most are based on Edwardian styles, but I've swiped garb from the Victorian era, the Renaissance, and even the roaring 20s.) Suffice to say, I'm too lazy to bother with historical accuracy. Think of this all as taking place in some alternate vaguely gothic, vaguely steampunk universe. There, that'll do.

2) Didn't this comic used to be different?

Yes, it did. The old Fantastical Bestiary comics featured many of the same characters, but was set in the present day in a mysterious world devoid of backgrounds and known simply as "THE FEATURELESS VOID."

3) Where can I see all those old crappy comics?


4) So, wait, is all that old crap canonical?

No. just ignore it. If you're too anal to do that, just pretend that all this new stuff actually concerns distant ancestors of the characters in the old Fantastical Bestiary strips. Yes, that'll do.

5) Has anyone actually asked any of these questions?

No. I'm so lonely. So very, very lonely.

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