Name: Mefistofeles "Beezle" Karkadann
Species: Imp
Occupation: Ne'er-Do-Well juvenile delinquint, Swamp rocker
Age: 20
Education: Graduate of Lady Alexandria Huffington's Reform School for Boys
City of Origin: Nectropolis, 3rd Circle, Hell
Known Relatives: Deziree Karkadann (Mother), Angel Karkadann (Brother)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Never seen, hidden behind dark shades
Skin: Rigor Mortis Blue
Preferred Attire: Leather jacket, denim jeans, motorcycle boots, shades

Distinguishing Characteristics: Unshaven

Beezle is your typical young hood, your rebel without a cause. He was raised on the mean streets, ya dig, and educated in the school of hard knocks. There, the ruler didn't hit you, you hit it and you hit it good else it was coming right back at you twice as hard. Beezle served as a sergeant in Hell's army, where he was Howard and Wilhelm's commanding officer. However, the military life does not seem to be his true calling and it is likely that, like his reluctant subordinates, he was a draftee. According to Howard, during peace time Beezle's job is to keep the River of Excrement that runs through Hell clog free. More recently, Beezle has performed at the International House of Evil with his swamp rock band "Hot Snot."